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WDMH announces new chair for Rural Research Network Ethics Board

A Carleton University professor will be joining the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) in working to expand and improve rural healthcare.

Dr. Paul Peters, an Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor for the university’s Department of Health Sciences, has joined the “Rural Research Network” as the new Chair for its Research Ethics Board.

“We want to look at rural areas and share information to increase knowledge,” Peters explains. “Research leads to innovative solutions, and it also helps us look at the intangible elements such as the communities themselves and the sense of belonging and support that exists.” 

According to founder and WDMH Chief Research Officer Dr. Mohamed Gazarin, the Rural Research Network is a group of healthcare organizations in rural areas led by the WDMH.

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“It focuses on addressing healthcare issues affecting rural populations,” Gazarin says. 

The Ethics Board that Peters is joining focuses on risks, benefits and relevance of research projects, as well as ensuring that participants’ rights are upheld and protected.

“I love the idea of this ethics board supporting and ensuring suitable research,” he says. “Winchester is unique in that it leads rural research and supports other hospitals to do the same.”

The Ethics Board is looking for more volunteers to join it. The WDMH website has details for how to apply if you’re interested.

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