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Health Unit: check in on friends and family as temperature rises

With temperatures rising in our region, the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit is offering our community some advice for how to deal with the heat safely.

“Anyone can be affected by high temperatures and become overheated, which can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and in some cases death,” says Health Unit Communications Coordinator Susan Healey.

“Some people are at higher risk, especially the very young, older adults, those with chronic illness, those on special medications and those who are physically active or work outdoors.”

Healey says you should wear loose, light-colored clothing and block the sunlight with curtains to help keep both your body and your home cool, and remember to drink water frequently.

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If you have air conditioning, she also recommends setting that to the highest temperature you’re comfortable with, to save money on electricity while cooling your home.

As summer approaches, Healey also says you should check in with your loved ones to make sure they’re handling the heat well.

“Check in on friends and family members to make sure they are prepared for heat events and during the heat, to see how they are doing, if they are staying cool and hydrated, not only during the day, but during the night too,” she says. “Hot summer nights can make sleeping and breathing difficult for some.”

The Health Unit’s website has more advice for how to deal with the rising temperatures.

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