Officials say the next few weeks in the province will not be easy but will be curfew-free. 

Ontario’s Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health says the province has seen 330 new outbreaks over the last week alone. 

Dr. Barabara Yaffe says half of those outbreaks were reported in vulnerable sectors like Long Term Care and retirement homes. 

She says COVID-19 mortality and morbidity rates are at an all-time high in Ontario, pushing the province to unveil new restrictions tomorrow. 

She confirmed that requiring masks for younger elementary school students is being considered. 

Asked where the added spread is coming from, Dr. Yaffe said more workplaces are being linked to new outbreaks.

She said recent surveys show nearly a third of Ontarians are not following public health recommendations, and moving about and congregating with others. 

An act that she says may seem innocent, but is actually worsening the spread of COVID-19 province-wide.