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Registration: In Motion & Momentum+

In Motion & Momentum+ is a workshop series of three modules that use an experiential learning approach.

It is a strengths-based approach that allows participants to experience success, pride, respect, connection, hope and achievement.  IM&M+ uses action-based learning methodology (e.g., multi-sensory-based activities, group projects and facilitated problem-solving sessions, action planning, goal setting, exploration of roles, improvisation, and implementing a community development initiative) in a cohort-based delivery format.

This fully virtual program helps participants:

  • Create a vision for now and the future that is consistent with their life values

  • Identify and build targeted life and employability skills (communication, healthy interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, dealing with stress, money management/budgeting, coping with change)

  • Practice setting realistic and meaningful goals connected to their needs and their vision for the future

  • Practice developing and implementing action plans that reflect their vision and goals, address barriers and include appropriate supports

  • Explore roles (work, learning, volunteer) that connect to self and have the potential to contribute to family/community

  • Explore a wide range of options and opportunities, so their horizons are broadened

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