A local business with international impact is turning 30 years old.

Measurements International Limited (MIL) is a Johnstown based company known internationally for pioneering automated measurement. MIL is known for designing, manufacturing and calibrating measurement equipment. Their work can be found in government National Metrology Institutes, calibration laboratories and Fortune 500 companies. MIL was the first to automate metrology in resistance.

The company has 42 employees and most work out of 118 Commerce Drive in Johnstown, where the design and manufacturing work is done. MIL has marketing offices in five countries and is constantly working on leading edge technology for precise measurement. The company was started by the late Dr. Andrew Dunn and company president Duane Brown to provide metrology training. Three years later they started developing their own equipment and eventually launched the world’s first 4-Terminal Matrix Scanner, which allows meteorologists to semi-automate their process while carrying out calculations faster than the market standard.

The company’s biggest contribution to the science of measurement is their fully-automated resistance bridge. The fully-automated resistance bridge allows labs to have faster and more repeatable measurements while reducing human error and today a MIL resistance bridge can be found in almost every National Metrology Institute around the globe.

For more information about Measurement International Limited you can go to www.mintl.ca or call 613-925-5934.