Winchester District Memorial Hospital is very proud of their tigers.

For the last 18 months a group of Winchester District Memorial Hospital staff have been working to improve Obstetrical Services at the hospital. The group call themselves the WDMH Tiger Team, which Clinical Manager Naomi Thick says is defined as “a diversified group brought together by a single project”. The Tiger Team took on almost 50 different projects that focused on things like standardization, communication, staffing and innovation.

The group is responsible for streamlining the process Moms coming in for ultrasounds go through and a new section on the hospital website devoted to Obstetrics. Families can now check online resources about what to expect during pregnancy, at the hospital and after they return home. The Tiger Team also worked to improve patient resources, minor procedures and even some research projects.

According to Winchester District Memorial Hospital most of the team’s work is finished and they recently held a hospital wide celebration, complete with tiger cupcakes.