The Rehabilitation Department at Brockville General Hospital has new equipment thanks to a local charitable organization.

The May Court Club of Brockville donated $2,500 to Brockville General Hospital’s Rehabilitation Department. According to representatives at Brockville General Hospital this money went towards purchasing new parallel bars for the Brockville General Hospital’s Acute Stroke Unit. In May of 2016 Brockville General Hospital introduced a 4-bed Acute Stroke Unit. Patients involved with the unit receive specialized, team approach, stroke care. Brockville General Hospital says having immediate Acute Stroke Care is known to improve survival rates while optimizing recovery and return home times. They add that a vital piece of equipment for this method is parallel bars. There are a number of features on the new parallel bars including that they are height and weight adjustable, with a reinforced third upright for managing bariatric patients.

The May Court Club is a registered charity made up of women volunteering both services and financial aid to people or groups in need. The club started in 1959 with 29 members and the goal of starting a new senior citizens’ club. The club says they have over 140 members and have contributed over $1,300,000 to the community over the years. Most of the group’s fundraising is done through the May Court Thrift Shop in Brockville, as well as various events throughout the year.