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Prescott’s electric vehicle charging stations now cost $2 per hour to use

Electric vehicle owners will need to start paying to refuel at Prescott’s charging stations. 

At Monday night’s council meeting, the town voted in favor of adding an hourly fee to use its electric vehicle charging stations. 

The chargers were installed under the previous council in 2020, and up to this point, they’ve been free to use. 

Town staff had recommended charging $1 per hour to use the stations, but members of council expressed a desire for a larger fee. 

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“I think a dollar [per hour] is a really good deal,” said Councillor Justin Kirkby. “I would have no problem being at $2, just to be honest. I know what I paid to fill my vehicle, it’s not a dollar.” 

Deputy Mayor Ruth Lockett echoed similar sentiments, arguing that a $2-per-hour fee is more future-proof. 

“Sooner or later,” Lockett said, “we’re going to have some maintenance, and if we do have a surplus, then we can have it in reserve, and we don’t have to come back and say, ‘can we go up 50 cents?’ Let’s make it right the first time.” 

The fee will be mandatory to use the seven existing charging stations owned by the Town, as well as four new ones being added to the Alaine Chartrand Community Centre. 

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