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Prescott’s Mayor outlines plots of land being eyed by developers

Several plots of land in Prescott are being considered for new housing developments. 

In an interview with, Mayor Gauri Shankar outlined a few of the spots the town is looking into. 

“Across from the golf course on Boundary Street,” Shankar gave as an example. “That had been looked into by a couple of developers. We did have an agreement with them, but we’re going to have to look again at that, because of interest rates. It’s made it hard for developers.” 

Another example Shankar gave was a plot north of the CN Rail train tracks and south of Churchill Street. 

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“There’s a big plot of land there that a local developer wants to build, I think, almost 200 residences on,” he said. 

He added that creating a housing development takes a long time because of the site planning process. 

“With a site plan, there’s all sorts of surveys and studies that have to be done to make sure, like, environmental studies,” Shankar said. “That’s one of the worries in our town with some of the property, is contamination. So, you want to make sure the soil is good for residential building.” 

According to Shankar, both developments are in the works, but there’s no estimate for when construction will begin or when they’ll be finished. 

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