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OPP: investigation into “grandparent scams” in region continues

Police say local seniors need to be careful when they receive phone calls from people claiming to be their grandchildren.

Officers from the OPP’s East Region headquarters have put out a statement on social media, saying they’re investigating “grandparent scams” targeting older residents.

The scams, which have been a problem in the area before (before), involve fraudsters impersonating their victims’ family members and loved ones, saying they’ve been arrested or injured and need money.

“The police will never call and ask for money or send a courier to pick it up,” the statement reads. “Hang up the phone and contact the person the fraudster claims is in trouble.”

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Officers also say you should avoid sharing any personal information over the phone, and to call police before sending any money if you’re unsure or suspicious.

You can view the full statement on the OPP’s East Region social media pages.

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