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Prescott Curling Club’s Gary Albert talks Strathcona Cup

Gary Albert says his team at the Prescott Curling Club is excited for an upcoming international curling tournament that’s coming to town this weekend.

The Strathcona Cup, a competition between Scottish and Canadian curlers that’s held every five years, alternating between Scotland and Canada, is visiting Prescott as part of this year’s touring circuit.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Albert says. “There’s been a lot of work put into it. The committee [helping organize the tournament], headed by Steve Gibson, has worked really hard at this, and we’ve got great support from the Town of Prescott as well as our membership. So we’re looking forward to a successful event on Saturday.”

Albert says part of why Prescott was chosen as one of the venues for the competition is because members of the club have competed in the past. 

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“Three of our committee members are ‘past tourists,’ as they’re called,” he explains. “They applied, I’m gonna say a year ago, to include Prescott in this tour. There’s an application process you go through, and with their connections and their location, Prescott was selected as one of the stops.”

Outside of the competition, the event will also feature some casual curling for residents and visitors to see.

“Down at the waterfront, we’re gonna have two games played down there,” Albert says. “Our club was formed in 1893 and started curling on the St. Lawrence River. We’re gonna take two teams from Scotland out there on Saturday, around 10:30 [AM] or so, we’ve got special transport arranged to take them from our club down to the Marina, and we’re gonna have two curling games down there.”

The event is happening on Saturday, January 28th.

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