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Police officers offering winter driving safety advice

Robert Simpson says you should start thinking about putting your winter tires on.

Simpson, an Acting Sergeant with the OPP, is offering some driving safety advice for the public going into the winter.

“Having winter tires can improve traction in frost, snow, and icy conditions, and shorten the braking distance of your vehicle,” he explains. 

He also says you should make sure you clean any ice off your windows and mirrors before driving, to make sure you have as much visibility as possible.

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“Drive according to the conditions,” Simpson adds. “Many collisions on our roadways occur because drivers are travelling too fast for the road conditions.”

Simpson also says drivers should turn off cruise control and steer gently on curves when the roads are snowy, icy, or wet, to avoid accidental skidding.

He also recommends you keep an emergency kit in your car with things like warm clothes, matches, and a candle, in case you have a breakdown in the cold.

“Be prepared for the unexpected,” Simpson says. “Give yourself some extra time if possible and remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

You can find more information on winter road and driving safety on the Ontario government’s website here.

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