It’s a day without many answers for Rogers’ customers and perhaps for most other Canadians.

The telecom giant’s services went down around four this morning affecting all cell service, landlines, internet, and television services. In its latest tweet, the company says it has every technological resource and partner deployed to solve the problem and as soon as it knows when the issue will be resolved customers will be notified.

But exactly what the issue is hasn’t been shared with the company.

And while Rogers customers are without service it is having a ripple effect for most Canadians. Interac services are down and lineups at ATMs are getting longer. Most businesses cannot accept debit payments and have signs up that they are only taking cash or credit. Some cannot even process credit cards.

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Rogers’ customers are having difficulty accessing emergency services like 9-1-1.

Police, fire, and paramedics across the country are asking people to try again or use a landline or cell phone from another provider. The company also says it will be crediting customers for the inconvenience and more details will be coming soon.