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“More disbelief than anything”: Prescott resident wins $77,777 in lottery

“My son, he initially thought it was $77, and I had to look at it twice, and it said $77,000.”

That’s Ryan Arch, talking about the moment he found out he won the lottery. 

Arch, a Prescott resident, recently won the top prize from an Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) “Instant 777” ticket, and collected his $77,777 in prize money earlier this week. 

“[I felt] more disbelief than anything, that it actually was true, until I took it to the gas station and they verified it, so, yeah, it was pretty neat.”

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Arch says actually collecting his winnings was more stressful.

“I got to Toronto at 9:15 [AM], and I didn’t leave Toronto until almost 4:00 [PM],” he says.

“There’s a lot of questions that they ask, a lot of paper trails that they want to do. They want to verify that you actually bought the ticket, that you actually claimed the ticket, that you have no ties with anybody that’s in with the OLG, it was pretty wild.”

Arch says he’s still processing the news, and hasn’t decided how he plans to spend the money yet.

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