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Town of Prescott making changes to River Route

A new stop is being added to Cedar Street in Maitland along the River Route.

Town of Prescott Chief Administrative Officer Matt Armstrong says that’s not the only change coming to the bus route. “Instead of going down North Augusta Road and coming out County Road 2 all the way to Maitland,” Armstrong says, “we’re going to try going on 2nd Concession all the way to Maitland.”

Armstrong also says people will be able to flag the bus down on some roads now. “We’re going to try that in the more built-up areas,” he says, “so, Maitland, Johnstown, Prescott and Cardinal. We want to be cognizant of the fact that we don’t want buses being flagged down when they’re doing in excess of 60 or 80 kilometers per hour.”

The bus route, which runs through South Grenville for twelve hours a day with stops in Brockville, Prescott, Augusta and Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, began operating with a six-month pilot program that started in August. Past reports say the bus route has been growing and developing as expected, and a detailed ridership breakdown will be discussed by Prescott council in February.

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