If you’re planning a New Year’s party to start 2022, the South Grenville Food Bank may help with the cleanup. 

The Food Bank is organizing its 8th annual “Bottles for Babies” bottle drive, collecting LCBO returnable empties and pop cans to raise money for helping families with young kids struggling financially. 

The Food Bank is planning to have volunteers moving from door to door collecting the empties and cans on January 8th. Anyone interested in leaving a package for volunteers to pick up outside their home is being asked to label “food bank” somewhere on the package. 

In addition to the door-to-door drive, if you’re interested in dropping off empties for the campaign before January 8th, the Food Bank will be accepting them at a carport in Cardinal. For more details, including information on how to volunteer to help with bottle collection, visit the South Grenville Food Bank Facebook page.