The South Grenville Food Bank has revealed how much money Tim Hortons’ Smile Cookies fundraising campaign raised for the organization this year. In an exclusive interview with, Bonnie Pidgeon Coogler, the Food Bank’s Executive Director, says the campaign raised $13,169 last month. 

“I just want to give a big shout-out to Lisa and Shawn Lockett, who are the owners [of the Prescott Tim Hortons], and all their staff,” Coogler says. “The extra work on all those cookies they would have had to decorate would have been a very big endeavor for them.”

Coogler says more fundraising events and campaigns for the end of the year are being planned by the Food Bank. “There’s still some things in the works,” says Coogler, “but we haven’t released them yet. So, we are working on a few things.” has made arrangements for another interview next week to learn more.