With Halloween approaching, the Grenville County OPP detachment has announced some of its plans for how it intends to handle the holiday. In an exclusive interview with MyPrescottNow, Community Safety Officer Annie Collins says all officers will be on patrol throughout the evening.

“All our officers will be out,” says Collins, “and are hoping the visibility alone will slow down traffic, as well. And some may even bring candy.”

Collins also says that police are taking popular Halloween pranks, like throwing toilet paper onto buildings, seriously. “If any property is being damaged,” Collins says, “even things like pumpkin smashing, that’s somebody’s property and it’s considered mischief. So, again, we want children to be out, having fun, you know, I have no issues with teenagers trick-or-treating. I think that’s a safe and lovely way to do it, but we also don’t want to encourage any sort of vandalism.”

Halloween is on Sunday. Collins says the OPP is asking kids to wear bright, reflective clothing while trick-or-treating, and adults to drive safely and keep an eye out for children on the road.