The Town of Prescott is looking into ways to memorialize Leo Boivin. At a meeting on October 18th, Prescott town council observed a moment of silence in memory of the late Hockey Hall of Fame member, who passed away on the 16th at 89 years old.

“He was one of those gentlemen, y’know, you’d never know he was in the Hall of Fame for hockey,” said councillor Gauri Shankar during the meeting. “He never boasted, he never wanted the spotlight.”

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Brett Todd suggested renaming a street in Prescott to commemorate Boivin. “Renaming a portion of Churchill could be quite problematic,” Todd says, “given the industrial addresses and so forth, but I was thinking about the north part of Sophia Street, there are no real addresses there, I don’t believe.”

In a Facebook post, Mayor Todd says the discussions surrounding renaming part of Sophia Street will continue at the next council meeting, November 1st.