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MP-elect Michael Barrett talks healthcare, opioid crisis

In an exclusive interview with, Conservative MP-elect Michael Barrett says he wants to see increased provincial healthcare funding during his term.

“We made very clear that increasing healthcare transfers to the provinces is important,” Barrett says. “The province needs more money to be able to address the healthcare system, we know that they need more money to be able to improve and expand the services that have been stretched to the limit, and to be able to pay the folks who are providing those services. The federal government is going to need to come to the table with more cash for healthcare, for the provinces. That’s critical.”

“I’m going to be looking for them to address something that’s become much more prevalent and front-of-mind during COVID-19,” Barrett continues, “and that’s the opioid crisis. With more deaths happening right across this country, including people dying right here in our community.”

“We need to have a very serious look at addiction and mental health challenges,” Barrett concludes, “and a strategy from the government, with dollars to back it up. That’s going to save people’s lives.”

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