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Train crash in Prescott has parts of Boundary Street closed

A two-train collision is being dealt with by first responders in Prescott.

A witness to the accident says that the two freight trains collided right near her house at 10:00 am.

“I was in my kitchen,” the witness says in an interview with, “and I live right across the street from the train tracks, and I heard this grinding on the train tracks, and I’m saying to myself ‘this is not right’. And then, I heard it even more, so I came running to the front door, and that’s when I saw them hit, head-on.”

The witness also says that one of the people on the train was initially trapped in the wreckage. “The 911 reporter told me I was the first one to call, and then I could hear the person that was in one of the engines, crying and screaming for help.”

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“So, the guys from Northern Cable came out and I just asked them to jump the fence and go, and try and find the person that was screaming for help. And then, all of a sudden, all of the paramedics showed up, and the ambulance, and police and fire trucks.”

Boundary Street is closed in Prescott between Linda Place and Churchill Road for all traffic and pedestrians, due to the accident. The Edward Street overpass was also closed until 1:30 pm. Traffic is being directed to Sophia Street.

According to the witness, police are investigating to see if the town’s main gas line sustained any damage from the crash. Police on scene declined to comment.

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