Lifeguards are needed to help with the Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal’s summer programming. 

Facility Manager with the Township Mike Spencer says they usually hire 10 people, but they’ve been struggling to fill spots this year due to the pandemic.

“I would like to actually run with 12, if I could, so if there’s people out there who have their bronze cross and just need more certification, we’ll be able to help you,” Spencer said. 

The positions are for people 16 and older and will involve shift work all through July and August. 

Spencer is hoping by offering certification opportunities, they might be able to fill the void left by COVID-19.

 “Lifeguards were not able to get their certification over the last year because of different facilities being closed where they’d typically go during the winter to get their certifications for being an instructor or teacher,” Spencer said. 

Spencer says the township is also looking to hire students for COVID-19 cleaning positions at its Johnstown, and Edwardsburgh-Cardinal pools. 

If you’re interested, he says you can contact him through the Township’s website.