Faster internet has arrived for Spencerville residents.

Over the last couple of weeks, Joe Computer, a local internet provider, has been conducting maintenance on its Spencerville tower in an effort to provide better internet service.

Kirsha Hutchcroft is Social Media Coordinator with Joe Computer and she says they are hoping to upgrade all of their towers.

“The technology enables us to run a 50-and-3 mbps, and eventually a 50-and-10 package to our customers, so this means much faster speeds,” Hutchcroft said. “So, we’ve started just at the Spencerville tower, just to see if we’d be able to do it. We have a couple of customers on it already and with great success so far.” 

Hutchcroft says the technology that was previously on the towers could not handle bandwidth but this new tech is able to carry the load. 

She says they will begin work on their other towers sometime this Spring, so that all their customers can enjoy the fastest possible internet they can provide. 

“Customers have been very excited to be able to test this out, give it a try and see how it works,” Hutchcroft said. “If it works, and everything goes well, they’ll be able to have much faster packages and at a decent cost, and they’ll still be able to be with a local supplier.” 

For more on the new technology, you can reach out to Joe Computer through their Facebook page.