Local businesses have a chance to promote themselves through an upcoming online event.

The first ever Ottawa Valley Virtual Vendor Market is set for the end of next month, bringing together hundreds of small businesses in a virtual-platform, giving customers a market-feel and allowing them to explore new and interesting products. 

Co-Founder Jacklyn Stott says they wanted to be able to connect businesses across Ottawa and surrounding areas. 

So, they decided to do some research on the proper platform and the result was the idea of a virtual market. 

“In one of our business groups, somebody presented the idea and once we took a look at it and we spoke to the representative for our area, it just turned out to be something incredibly cool that we wanted to work with, so we just went with it,” Stott said.

The market will allow businesses to connect authentically with customers face-to-face via video.

As both the vendor and customer, you’ll have the ability to move around freely to mix and mingle with other vendors and guests by visiting other booths and double-clicking on empty chairs. 

Holly Molenaar is the market’s other co-founder and she says the process is simple. 

“You can create an avatar, virtually set up your booth and allow your customers to seamlessly interact with the vendor, view the products and directly place orders for the products as well,” Molenaar said. “Whenever you place your order, it’s all done directly through the vendors.” 

The market takes place on March 28th, from 10 a.m., to 3 p.m., and if you’d like to get involved, you can reach out to the group here.

You can view a demo of the platform below: