With the warm weather causing algae to bloom, the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit is warning against potentially harmful algae.
Some algae, like blue-green algae, can be harmful and can only be confirmed by a lab test. Residents are encouraged to report the Spills Action Center to report any potential algae blooms. They also encourage people to take pictures of an active bloom. This way the Center can help identify the algae and be aware of its location.
The Unit says to avoid direct contact with the bloom, and avoid using the water around the bloom for drinking, bathing, showering. They also say to not allow children, pets or livestock to drink or swim in the water. The unit says boiling the water will not help because it may release more toxins into the water, and any food cooked in the contaminated water could absorb the toxins. The unit adds that toxins released by the algae are not removed by small scale treatment systems like filtration found in residential buildings. They also say to exercise caution when eating fish caught in the water where blooms have occurred, as the toxins can be absorbed by the liver, kidneys and other organs. The unit says those who use the lake for drinking water should look for alternate sources
You can get in touch with the Spill Action Center by callingĀ 1-800-268-6060