Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is now closed to visitors for the remainder of the year.

Founder Andy Parent says it’s closed for the safety of visitors and volunteers.

“We just felt that it was impossible to keep a place like this sanitized totally. You would have to hire like 10 (to) 15 people just to walk around and  clean all the time and people like to touch the animals and railings and things like that, so it’s just impossible.”

Parent says it’s been hard for them, they had to cancel their camp this year which is a big money maker for them and they had to spend over $25,000 to bring in hay and things like that. He adds the animals still have to eat, be looked after and cared for.

He says they’re asking the community to give whatever they can to help with buying food for the animals, vet bills and help get the animals through life.

To support Big Sky Ranch, visit their website here or you can send a cheque in the mail.