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Prescott Council approves recommendation to reduce speed limits to 40 km/h in town

Prescott Councillors have approved a recommendation to reduce the speed limit for motorized vehicles to 40 kilometers per hour.

Mayor Brett Todd says he has noticed excess speed accompanied by aggressive driving in Prescott that is notable all over town particularly on King Street east and west going into town and on Edward Street.

“I’ve seen it. I know a lot of people in town have seen it. I’ve received many, many complaints about these speeds from residents. I’ve witnessed (speeding) personally.”

He adds he believes some of the speeding has been in the town for some time now, but it has been made worse with lower traffic volumes due to Covid-19. Todd also says he doesn’t believe this a magic solution and it needs to be accompanied by other measures like stricter enforcement, which he says the OPP is already doing, and other things like possibly speed bumps, barriers or speed cameras. Todd believes the lowering of the speed limit will send a message to the community that they are serious about public safety, and excessive speeds and aggressive driving will not be tolerated in Prescott.

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Councillors Teresa Jansman, Mike Ostrander, Gauri Shankar and Mayor Brett Todd voted yes to changing the speed limit.

Councillors Leanne Burton, Lee McConnell and Ray Young voted no to the recommendation.

Councillor Ray Young says he wished they had more facts about Prescott and speeding.

Councillor Lee McConnell asked to defer this and get it written from Augusta Council that they will drop the speed limit coming into Prescott in that township. He suggested moving the 50 km/h sign Prescott has to Augusta where the speed limit is currently 60 km/h. Mayor Brett Todd says they will be reaching out because Augusta has expressed some willingness to talk about moving signs.

Councillor Leanne Burton says 40km/h is definitely going to be a change again. After changes already done downtown with the traffic lights she doesn’t think making another change at this time is feasible and is not supporting it right now.

CAO Matthew Armstrong explained the speed signs would be placed at the east and west end of King Street and north on Edward Street.

Mayor Brett Todd says the speed limit change will be put into effect before Labour Day this year.

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