The YMCA of Eastern Ontario has announced they will be opening childcare centres on July sixth.

Rob Adams, CEO of the YMCA of Eastern Ontario, says they will be opening the centres with the safety of children and staff at the forefront.

“We have taken the time necessary to plan our re-opening properly and to ensure that our staff are trained using the new protocols. We have been able to use the experience we gained by running an emergency childcare center in our planning.”

Each licensed area is limited to 10 people, including childcare staff under the new provincial restrictions. This will limit the number of spaces available for children, but allows for safe physical distancing, according to the Y. The YMCA will also be offering licensed summer childcare based on the availability of schools.

Jill MacDonald, director of operations childcare, says they have been working with the school boards to identify which schools will be available to them and over which periods.

“Different school boards will have their own needs for getting ready for September classes meaning that our summer childcare may run over different weeks at different locations. We need to be flexible and to offer what we can to help families out over the summer.”

Adams says as soon as they have more information from the school boards, they will let everyone know when the summer care will begin and hope it will be as early as July 13.