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Think Through Your Decision To Go To Cottage, says Health Unit

With the long weekend bringing nice weather, the Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit would like residents to put thought into their decision to go to the cottage.
Medical Officer of Health Dr Paula Stewart says to consider the impact your decision has on your family and your neighbours, as well as those on the local community and health care system. The Unit says that if you are just going to check on your property, to make it a day trip. They also say to think if hiring people to open your cottage is an essential service or not. The unit says that a long trip could result in multiple stops, and suggests packing snacks and drinks for the ride to put you in less contact with surfaces and people. They also remind residents to practice good hygiene and maintain physical distancing.

The Health Unit also recommends planning ahead in case one of your family members becomes ill. COVID-19 symptoms can come on abruptly and can cause people to become severely ill in a short time. The Unit asks people to think about the availability of cell service and how quickly emergency services could respond. In addition, due to the risky activities going to a cottage can bring, like ATVing and water sports, paramedics could be needed if something goes wrong, stretching their resources thin.

Above all, the Unit reminds cottage goers to limit contact with others, practice physical distancing, and if you are ill, to stay home. They say by staying at your primary residence, you could be saving lives.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar
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