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Keep gatherings to immediate family only, Premier Ford

Premier Doug Ford says a state of emergency needs to remain in effect until we start to see a consistent reduction in numbers of COVID-19 cases.  He is going to ask legislators tomorrow to extend the declaration to June 2nd.   Ford sounded optimistic, “We are starting to see the numbers go in the right direction,” and said hopefully the state of emergency will end “sooner rather than later.”

He said he had his daughters over to his house on the weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day but it was just immediate family, no boyfriends or spouses and when asked about gathering in groups of more than five he discouraged it, “Keep gatherings to immediate family only.  Use your best judgment when it comes to elderly parents.  In the next two weeks if we see consistently lower numbers than maybe we can go to see your parents but right now just keep it to your immediate family.”

Ford also spoke about the reopening of nonessential businesses today for curbside pickup.  He said thousands of people are going back to work and will again receive a paycheque, “The reopening of more businesses and provincial parks is a clear sign that we are making progress in our battle against COVID-19.  We are getting more people back to work when safe to do so and laying the groundwork for a full economic recovery. At the same time, we are moving carefully and cautiously to ensure we don’t put people at risk and remain ready to respond to any potential outbreaks or surges in cases.”

Over the weekend, garden centres, nurseries, hardware stores, and safety supply stores began offering in-store purchasing.


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