The Spencerville TNR Stray Cats Project is putting out a call for help. The local rescue is in need of fosters. 

Founder Cindy Cere says the shortage stems from a colony of cats rescued this week. She noted that a call came in about an elderly gentleman who passed away in November, leaving behind 21 cats. Cere explained the neighbours had been taking care of the cats, but couldn’t keep up. 

The goal is to find temporary homes for the cats, until they’re ready for adoption. 

She says about one-third of the cats have double ear infections, so they require medication. Cere noted Spencerville TNR is looking for fosters who aren’t afraid of shy cats that require a bit of socialization. 

She explained the cats have all been vetted and everything they need will be provided, including food and litter. 

Anyone interested in helping out can send an email to [email protected]

Check the Spencerville TNR Facebook page for information about upcoming adoption events. The rescue currently has around 50 cats looking for their forever homes.