The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) is offering up some tips to keep your teeth healthy over the holidays.

There are four S’s to keep in mind: sugar, starches, spirits and stress.

ODA President Doctor Kim Hansen says it’s important to pay attention to the basics of good oral health.

Candy canes can chip and crack teeth, eggnog, pop, chocolates, etc. are loaded with sugar so it is suggested to swish water after drinking and eating those things to wash away the residue.

Hansen says starches are what you find in mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread and crackers and you don’t think of them as a source of sugar but they are.

The ODA also warns about spirits. They say wine is sugary and high in acid, also red wine can stain teeth. Champagne and beer have high carbonation, which can also erode tooth enamel. Many mixed drinks have lots of sugar and carbonation in them, too. Chewing on the ice cubes in beverages can also crack teeth.

The final S to keep in mind is stress. The ODA says along with feeling terrible, anxiety can lead to over-indulging, loss of sleep, a sluggish immune system and teeth grinding, which causes pain and can lead to tooth loss.

Hansen says some ways to protect your teeth include: using fluoridated toothpaste, flossing or using dental picks, fluoridated mouth wash, drinking water at any time and eating cheeses, nuts and veggies to balance out the acidity.