The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation is looking for the Town of Prescott’s support asking for almost $43,000 over five years.

The foundation is the joint fundraising arm of Kingston Health Science Centre (Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital) and Providence Care. During a presentation to Prescott’s Committee of the Whole, Executive Vice President of the foundation Mike MacDonald spoke about the redevelopment of the Kingston Health Sciences Centre. He says they help serve the region and the facilities are badly in need of an upgrade.

Associate Director Nikki Beaulieu said there were 1,807 patient visits from Prescott residents and that is the number that was used to calculate how much money they were asking from Prescott.

Councillor Teresa Jansman questioned whether or not the number of patient visits was actually from within the Prescott town limits or address of Prescott Ontario because you may get different numbers. Beaulieu says the information was from the area code K0E 1T0 which Jansman noted could be an issue. Councillor Lee McConnell says KOE takes in the area around Prescott so he asked about presenting to Augusta Township and Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. Beaulieu says they plan to approach Brockville and the united counties but have not presented to Cardinal. Bealieu and MacDonald say they will look into other municipalities and come back with more information.

Mayor Brett Todd says it’s a tricky one for the town as they did commit to Brockville General Hospital (BGH) $300,000 over ten years and did discuss designating Brockville as the sole hospital the town would contribute to. He notes though he doesn’t believe they actually made BGH the sole hospital they would contribute to through a passed motion. Todd adds with that said this would seem to be a very reasonable number, not saying he would support it or doesn’t support it.

Bealieu says they will look into getting more data and get a closer breakdown with how many people are actually coming from Prescott itself.