Winter parking restrictions are now in effect for the Town of Prescott. Parking is not permitted on any road between midnight and 7:00am. The restrictions will be in place until the end of March.

Shawn Merriman, Manager of Building and Bylaw Services, says the restrictions are necessary for snow removal. He noted it goes a long way to safely and efficiently keeping the roads clear. 

Merriman explained there are fines in place for people who don’t follow the rules. He says the ticket is $30, but if your vehicle has to be towed, you could be looking at around $200 to get it back. 

Last winter, a total of 50 vehicles were towed. Merriman says there is limited parking for residential units downtown, so the Town put together a parking working group to come up with solutions. Merriman noted people can now get a permit to park overnight in municipal lots. 

For more information, call 613-925-2812.