Halloween is Thursday and the Grenville County OPP wants people to have a safe and fun evening.

Constable Suzanne Runciman says the main thing is that people going out are visible. Runciman suggests carrying a flashlight, wearing reflective clothing and wearing a light coloured costume.

She says take your time, think before you cross the street, look both ways and cross at intersections. If someone is trick or treating without a parent, letting parents know where they’ll be going is important and sticking to that route.

Runciman added don’t go in anybody’s home, just stay at the door to get a treat.

For drivers, Runciman says to watch out, take your time and be especially careful at intersections.

Runciman says she’s sure that everyone’s candy will be safe but just in case, it’s a good idea to have parents or someone that’s trusted look through it first.