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Price at the pumps expected to go up this week; Scheer asks party candidates to apologize for any controversial comments

Rebel group claims responsibility for drone attack on Saudi Arabia

The price of gas is expected to rise after drone attack in Saudi Arabia spiked the cost of oil over 15 per cent. Canada is expected to be affected starting Wednesday when prices should rise. Exactly how much is unknown though. The attack shut down over five per cent of global oil production capacity. The Houthi rebel group based in Yemen claimed responsibility.

Scheer says there will be no re-vetting after candidates controversial comments exposed

Any Conservative candidates who’ve made controversial comments are being asked to apologize and take responsibility. Party leader Andrew Scheer said he will continue to stand behind them if they do. He also denied the possibility of re-vetting candidates after controversial posts from some were published by Liberal Party researchers.

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Purdue Pharma settles lawsuit worth upwards of $12B

A multibillion-dollar lawsuit has forced the company responsible for OxyContin to file for bankruptcy. Purdue Pharma decided to settle for what could be upwards of $12 billion US. The chairman of the company’s board said Purdue would rather avoid the millions in legal costs and instead put the money into helping the opioid crisis.

Thousands of GM workers hit the picket lines for better wages and health care

Workers at General Motors plants across the U.S. are officially on strike. Almost 50,000 employees walked off the job after contract talks deteriorated. Negotiations are set to resume Monday morning, but a spokesperson for the union said the strike will likely continue. Workers are asking for better wages and affordable health care. The strike has shut down over 30 manufacturing plants across nine states.

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