Kyle Moss has been battling cancer since May. The 34-year-old North Grenville resident, who has a young son and baby girl on the way, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. It has spread to his liver, lymph nodes and bones. 

Heather Conn, Kyle’s wife, says the news was devastating. She noted they’re just taking things day by day and remain hopeful. Conn says Kyle has started immunotherapy, which isn’t covered by OHIP. 

She explained immunotherapy is a game changer and Kyle’s cancer is already showing signs of shrinking. The cost of the treatment is around $20,000 every three weeks. Conn says she’s not sure how much the family will be on the hook for, after factoring in insurance coverage. Kyle has been too sick to work since the diagnosis. 

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help the family. To donate, click here

Conn says it’s been difficult because they’re private people, who just go to work and come home to take care of their son. She is a paramedic in Ottawa and Kyle worked as a fire alarm technician. 

The pair will celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary on September 29.