The Leeds and Grenville Peer Support group will be holding an open house on Thursday.

Peer Rep Christine Wicks says the group offers support for people dealing with mental health and addictions issues. Wicks says the open house will run from five to nine that evening at 277 King Street West in Prescott and everyone is welcome to attend.

Wicks says the group meets Monday to Thursday evenings from five to nine regularly and a calendar can be found in the post office and laundromat in town. She says the group does a variety of things like walks, chats, movie nights and game nights.

Wicks says there are a lot of people that come through the doors dealing with depression or people may have just gotten out of the hospital for drug addiction.

Wicks says if anyone needs transportation they can contact her at 343-260-1404. For more information about peer support visit the South East Ontario website here.