A door to door sales application has some council members expressing concerns.

At Monday night’s meeting, CAO/Treasurer Matthew Armstrong said staff had reviewed an application for a door to door sales license from Cogeco. Armstrong says it fits within the by-law and the town is intending to grant it with a number of stipulations.

He says if they receive any complaints of things like high pressure sales tactics they will revoke the license. Also, there will be a certificate with the sales people to show residents they have the license. When concerns where brought up, Armstrong says council always has the discretion to deny the application but as administrative he can’t say no.

Councillor Leanne Burton said she was on the fence about allowing it. Councillor Teresa Jansman says she is proud that the town doesn’t allow door to door sales and it protects resident’s privacy.

Councillors Mike Ostrander, Gauri Shankar and Ray Young all spoke about giving Cogeco a chance. Young says it’s very clear in the by-law if the town gets complaints about their actions the permission to go door to door will be revoked.

“It’s a local company trying to improve their business they are a good community business for us. They support activities in our community. I think we should give them a chance.”

Councillor Lee McConnell was absent from the meeting.

Mayor Brett Todd says he knows people are going to complain about it because they have had issues with door to door sales for many years. He says if he wasn’t chairing the council meeting he would’ve put a motion to disallow this.

“I don’t like door to door sales. It is an intrusion on privacy, no matter what company does it. Unfortunately as well door to door sales the reputation has been tarnished by the scam artists out there.”

Todd is also concerned that it’s a waste of staff time and resources. There was no date given on when Cogeco was planning on going door to door.