The OPP is sharing tips on keeping your data safe.

The tips come after 100 million customers from Capital One had their personal information hacked. Catherine Yarmel of the OPP says that there are a number of things you can do to keep your data safe.

One tip is to ask a caller or requester why they need your information and how they will safeguard it. Yarmel says to shred anything paper that could hold your information, like receipts, credit card offers, credit applications and insurance forms.

Yarmel suggests removing mail from your mailbox as soon as possible as it could be raided by those looking for information. She even suggests destroying the labels on prescription bottles as they can also be used to obtain your personal information.

Among the important points Yarmel adds is to not overshare your life on social media. Posting too much about your life could give people access to not only personal information, but also hints that can help scammers guess passwords on some of your online accounts.

Yarmel also reminds internet users to not open files or links unless they know where they are coming from. They could be part of phishing schemes.

If you feel your information has been compromised, contact any institution you have accounts with to flag them. If you are out a sum of money from a bank or know your information has been compromised, Yarmel urges you to contact police.

She reminds the public that identity theft is a criminal offense that could be severe depending on the amount of money taken.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar