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Local veterinarian talks pet safety on hot days

Summer is a time for eating hot dogs from the grill and not letting a dog get hot in the car.

A local veterinarian is discussing the importance of keeping animals safe in warm weather. Doctor Jessica Knight says there are two important things to consider when taking a pet outside in the summer. The first being aware of what the temperature of the air is outside. Knight says if it’s really hot for you it’s really hot for your pet. The second thing to consider is how hot the pavement is. Knight says if you’re taking your pet on a walk you probably have shoes on but they don’t and the pavement is going to be much hotter than you think it is.

Knight says if you are still going for a walk though, shorter more frequent walks are suggested on warm days. She also says bringing water on walks will be a big help as well as walking in shady areas.

Signs that dogs are too hot is panting and being restless, according to Knight. In cats you are going to see the restlessness, them seeking shade and drooling. Knight says sometimes you could see cats panting but it’s a lot less common.

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Knight says even on a 25 degree day a car can get up to 40 plus degrees in about ten minutes even with the windows down. Knight says within those ten minutes you can easily see heatstroke start in dogs and brain damage can begin in as little as 15 minutes. Knight says brain damage is something that is not going to be reversible.

Knight says the impacts of heat is different for each breed so talking to your vet is always going to be a good option for more safety tips.

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