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Health Unit reminds people to watch out for Wild Parsnip

Wild Parsnip is a growing problem in the area. The invasive plant, native to Europe and Asia, is a common sight in local ditches, fields and trails. The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit is reminding people to be cautious. 

Senior Public Health Inspector Kim McCann says the biggest danger is handling the plant and getting the sap on you. She noted what causes the severe burns is getting the sap on your skin and then being exposed to ultraviolet light.

McCann explained if you get the sap in your eyes, it can cause blindness. She says if you come into contact with Wild Parsnip, wash the area with soap and water. 

McCann noted that once the plant turns brown, it goes to seed and can spread. She says if you decide to remove the Wild Parsnip from your property, precautions should be taken. McCann explained wearing gloves and protective clothing, such as long-sleeve shirt and pants, can prevent sap from getting on you. 

For more information about Wild Parsnip, click here

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