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Bombardier sells jet program to Mitsubishi; Iranian president has strong words for U.S. after being hit with sanctions

Canadian jet company makes to sell to Mitsubishi

Bombardier has made a deal to sell its regional jet program to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for just US $500 million US. Mitsubishi will also take on $200 million in liabilities. According to CTV News, an executive with the Japanese company said the deal will build a strong, global aviation capability. It is expected to be completed in the first half of next year.

Hassan Rouhani called U.S. sanctions “outrageous and idiotic”

Iran is calling the sanctions from the U.S. a permanent closure for diplomacy for between the two countries. According to The Associated Press, President of the Middle Eastern country, Hassan Rouhani, went as far as to say the White House is “afflicted by mental retardation.”  He added the sanctions are “outrageous and idiotic.”

Conspiracy theorists claim light on Mars proves alien life

A mysterious white light captured on Mars is apparently due to methane gas, according to NASA scientists. The Curiosity rover recorded the image earlier this month that depicts a bright spot on land in the distance that wasn’t in pictures taken just before and afterwards. The image has caused a stir online with people claiming it proves the existence of alien life.

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