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Prescott parking survey results discussed this week

The Town of Prescott is discussing their parking survey results.

The survey ran from May 21st to June 10th with hopes to get input on parking solutions. Manager of Building and By-Law Services Shawn Merriman says 115 surveys were done and there were a couple main concerns brought up. He says there is no doubt that 80-percent of the concerns surround the downtown core area. Merriman says the town has a lot more residential in the downtown area and not every building has parking.

“So although many people move in knowing they have no parking, it’s another thing to actually then have to experience it. Especially when you go through the winter and you’re not allowed to park on the streets overnight in the winter and stuff like that. So, yeah it creates challenges for people.”

Merriman says they are not looking at going back to a place where they’re charging per hourly parking. Merriman says they’re looking to make sure the traffic is still flowing and that people who park downtown do it because they truly need it for shopping or entertainment. He adds they also want to make sure that people realize where they can park.

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Merriman says with 230 parking spots downtown, the town should, within 500 feet, find solutions for most of the people that are coming down for shopping and stuff like that.

Merriman says the survey was really good and they have learned that they may need to look into more accessible parking spots especially near doctor’s offices.

“We had quite a few concerns about people, especially using the health clinic, you know having to walk the 500 feet (and) meanwhile they’re on oxygen or something like that. And that’s a very understandable concern.”

A working group between Council and staff has been suggested. Councillors Ray Young, Mike Ostrander and Leanne Burton volunteered to be in the working group. Merriman says right now just Council and staff is involved but what they will do is have meetings with interested parties like the BIA or people that own buildings and have residents or the health clinic.

Merriman says the goal of this working group is to find more efficiencies in downtown parking, making sure that parking signage is good, making sure the town has enough accessible parking  and finding a parking solution for the people that live downtown.

Merriman thanks everyone who took part in the survey.

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