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Prescott Councillor Suggesting Changes to Council

Prescott Councillor Gauri Shankar is suggesting the town look into having less council members in the future.

There are currently six Councillors and one mayor and Shankar says according to the by-law the town can only have a minimum of five, total with four Councillors and one mayor.

“With the size of our town, I think five is lots. And this way we could save some money, we don’t have to pay them I don’t want to increase the salaries or anything like that. But saving money (because) we got to find money somewhere with all the provincial cuts that are being down loaded to us.”

Shankar says the precedent has been set with the City of Toronto reducing from 47 to 25 Councillors. He adds, while campaigning for Council he mentioned it would be best if there were only five total in office. Shankar says he received all positive feedback from people he has talked to.

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“I think everyone is doing a great job, but maybe we don’t need as many people at the table.”

Shankar says the next step now is the Town’s Clerk will look into Prescott’s by-laws and other municipalities. The Clerk will then bring an information package to Council in June and then Council will debate it. Shankar adds he thinks there will be a public meeting as it will be a by-law change, but they are going to try to get this done before the next election.

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