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Schools across Ontario can get repairs they need; Ottawa and Washington talk about getting U.S. involved in China dispute

Schools in Ontario to get worse before they get better

It would cost $16 billion to make all the repairs needed to Ontario schools if they happened today. City TV says many students and teachers across the province have to deal with leaky roofs along with heating and air conditioning systems that don’t work or are non-existent. Toronto alone has a repair list of 23,000 ranging from major structural repairs to toilets.

Almost $50 billion laundered through real estate across Canada

Money laundering through Canadian real estate is driving up home prices. A report by an expert panel out of B.C. says a total of $47 billion was laundered through the market in 2018. The province tabled legislation to try and prevent the problem by calling out unknown real estate owners hiding behind shell and numbered companies.

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Trudeau and Trump talk about releasing Canadians from Chinese custody

Ottawa may be getting closer to getting the U.S.’s help in their dispute with Beijing. Justin Trudeau spoke with Donald Trump regarding the two Canadian’s arrested in China. Ottawa is asking Washington to pressure Beijing to release the men. It is believed the dispute started with the arrest of the CFO of Huawei in Vancouver at the request of the U.S.

Opposition wants investigation into Mark Norman case

Apparently, the Mark Norman dispute didn’t end with his charges getting stayed. Opposition MP’s accused the Liberals of covering up information during the Vice-Admiral’s case. They claim the book could have been closed sooner and a former defence minister is now asking for an investigation saying the governing liberals dragged the case out.

North Korean cargo ship detained amidst missile launches

Tensions are escalating as the U.S. seized a North Korean cargo ship used to violate international sanctions. The ship was apparently detained over a year ago but the U.S. seizure was announced hours after confirmation that North Korea launched multiple short-range missiles into the sea over the past week. U.S. officials said the timing has nothing to do with the missile launch.

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