St. Mark Catholic School in Prescott has raised $3,000 for the Organization of Rwandan Youth at Risk.

A Carnival of Hope was held last week where staff and students from all grades donated, played games and bought gifts. Teacher and one of the organizers Ava Henry says 100-percent of proceeds go to a youth centre in Rwanda.

Founding member of the organization Philip Fry says they are supporting seven girls who are living at the centre currently. It helps with schooling and making sure the kids receive education. The second program the organization uses the money to help with is reintegrating the children with their extended or immediate families.

“The main root cause of problems is that at least 40-percent of the people in rural Rwanda are living on subsistence farming. If there’s the slightest difficulty with the crop (too much or not enough rain), the children starve.”

Fry says the kids turn to the street to try and make money for their family but once they can’t, the organization steps in. Fry adds the organization is 100-percent volunteer.

For more information about the organization, visit their website here.