Walker House is providing help for patients with Parkinson’s disease. On the second Monday of every month, free support groups will be held with Parkinson Canada. Patients and caregivers can share information, support and advice with each other.

The first meeting was held this week, with 12 people in attendance.

Walker House program director Susan Vallom says that Parkinson Canada will be able to bring in guest speakers in the future, but for now they’re letting group members determine the direction the support groups go.

There is a strong focus on the patients and supporting caregivers to prevent burnout.

Vallom says it’s important for caregivers to focus on helping themselves before the patient, limiting their stress.

The support group is also aiming to help with early diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Vallom says catching the symptoms early can be a huge factor in helping treat it.

The next meeting will be May 13 at 10:00am in the Walker House activity room.

Written By Nick Ainger