The Town of Prescott has made changes to recycling.

Director of Public Works and Infrastructure Dan Beattie says changes mainly affect plastics like bags, plastic wrap, fruit and vegetable containers and black coloured plastic. Those items are no longer recyclable.

Beattie says the town has fully phased in the changes now and recycling crews are tagging recycling bins with non-compliant materials and leaving the recycling. He adds recycling must be in a blue box, not in a plastic bag (as bags are not recyclable).

Beattie says that global trends and industry-wide changes are causing a shift to where waste is directed, and what materials make it through the entire recycling cycle, into re-use. Reducing the use of plastics and single-use items can help prevent them from entering a landfill or ocean. The system is changing directions, but the ultimate goal of preventing plastics from entering either site is the same, according to Beattie.

Other items that are no longer accepted include: plastic take-out containers, paper milk/juice cartons, paper coffee cups and plastic household items (laundry basket, hangers, etc.).  Containers that are recyclable must be empty and clean.

To find more items that are acceptable or not recyclable visit Prescott’s website here.