National Cupcake Day was in February and there is still money coming in for the Leeds and Grenville OSPCA.

Manager Marianne Carlyle says so far over $8,500 has been brought into the centre. Carlyle adds people are still welcome to raise funds as it is an ongoing campaign.

“Somebody called in the other day and said oh by the way we did a cupcake party the first of March, is that ok? And so yes, absolutely.”

Another fundraisers Carlyle suggests would be a barbecue. She says they will come out and help showcase an event like that if a business decided to hold one for the OSPCA.

All funds raised in the area stay within Leeds and Grenville. Carlyle says it goes towards the care of the animals including veterinary costs.

The centre is located at 800 Centennial Road in Brockville. For more information visit their website here.